Communicating climate change impacts on Australian coastal and marine environments to their human communities

Sea level rise, increased storms and flooding are amongst the current and predicted future impacts of climate change for the coastal and marine communities of Victoria. While a range of mechanisms exist to address and adapt to these changes, how to communicate them remains an ongoing challenge. This paper provides information on how the State of Victoria could build an effective communications strategy for its marine and coastal communities.

Communicating climate change impacts on Australian coastal and marine (PDF, 7.4 MB)

Literature Review - Natural invertebrate aggregations in coastal and marine environments: tools used to manage populations and benefits derived from management

In Victoria there is growing interest in the appropriate management of the Australian giant spider crab Leptomithrax gaimardii which forms spectacular aggregations in Port Phillip Bay each year.

To inform the development of appropriate management of the spider crab aggregations, this review considers the literature related to other marine invertebrate aggregations around the world that may be termed ‘natural wonders’.

Coastal Demographics in Victoria

Background research paper prepared for the Victorian Marine and Coastal Council

The purpose of this report is to inform policy initiatives being undertaken through the Marine and Coastal Act 2018. The Act provides for the making of a Marine and Coastal Policy, followed by a Marine and Coastal Strategy. The latest demographic and census-based data is used in this report to provide an overview of issues associated with population and settlement along the Victorian coast.

Coastal demographics in Victoria (PDF, 3.8 MB)

Social research into community attitudes

The Wave 5 – Marine and Coastal Community Attitudes & Behaviour Report looks at what Victorians most value about the state’s marine and coastal environments, and how they like to use them. It looks at visitation levels and the types of activities we like to enjoy in these areas.

Importantly, the research explores what and how different kinds of activities pose a threat to these environments, as well as attitudes towards key challenges including climate change, population growth and coastal development.

The Wave 5 – Marine and Coastal Community Attitudes & Behaviour Report is the fifth 'wave' of this research, undertaken in partnership with Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP), Parks Victoria, the Victorian Marine and Coastal Council. The research has informed the development of the upcoming Marine and Coastal Policy to be released by the end of 2019.

The former Victorian Coastal Council, in partnership with DELWP, periodically commissioned social research on community attitudes and behaviours on the Victorian coastal and marine environment in order to inform the strategic review and development of the Victorian Coastal Strategy. Four previous ‘waves’ of research have been conducted between 1995 and 2011.

Climate change and the coast

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