The Council established a Science Panel to provide independent, strategic, scientific advice to the Council on emerging marine and coastal issues and knowledge gaps.  This independent and credible scientific advice is critical in developing evidence-informed policy.

The Panel comprises scientists and other experts representing a broad range of disciplines to provide a "catchment to shelf" perspective.  It is chaired by Emeritus Professor Alistar Robertson.

The 35 members of the Science Panel are:


Discipline expertise

Prof. Jon Barnett 

Adaptation to climate change and social impacts and responses to environmental change

Prof. Ruth Beilin

Policy and planning effecting the design and management of landscapes

Dr Brian Coffey

Coastal development

Dr Carly Cook

Conservation decisions, risk assessment, decision support systems

Prof. Perran Cook

Biogeochemistry, water management

A/Prof. Tim Dempster

Aquaculture - environment

Prof. Lee Godden

Environmental law, indigenous rights, natural resources law, energy law

Dr Rohan Henry

Coastal and catchment management

Prof. Samantha Hepburn

Property and land law, as well as mining, energy and environmental law, native title and marine habitats

A/Prof. Daniel Ierodiaconou

Benthic habitat mapping

Prof. Greg Jenkins

Fish ecology/fisheries

A/Prof. David Kennedy

Coastal geomorphology and coastal processes

Prof. Mick Keough

Marine ecology and pollution

Dr Tanya King

Anthropology, Fisheries

Prof. Tom Kompas

Economics of biosecurity, risk assessment

Dr Ruth Lane

Waste management and water use

Dr Randell Lee

Oceanography, modelling

Dr Andrew McCowan

Hydrodynamics, Coastal Processes, Water Quality and Modelling

Dr Kathleen McInnes

Climate change and coasts and oceans

A/Prof. Peter Macreadie

Biogeochemistry, carbon storage

A/Prof. Monica Minnegal

Social and ecological systems, and processes; fisheries management

Prof. Melodie McGeoch

Protected area management biodiversity monitoring

Dr Mark Norman

Biodiversity conservation

A/Prof. Melissa Nursey-Bray

Human geography, community engagement in coastal and marine management

Prof. Vin Pettigrove

Marine and aquatic pollution, water quality and toxicants

Dr David Provis

Oceanography, coastal dynamics

Dr Ruth Reef

Marine and coastal vegetation and climate change

Dr Beth Strain

Human impacts and management solutions for coastal/marine ecosystems. Marine protected areas

Prof. Stephen Swearer

Marine ecology, larval fish

Prof. Madeleine Van Oppen

Marine ecology and evolution/climate change

Dr Joanna Vince

Ocean governance and marine resource management

Dr Michelle Voyer

Social equity and the blue economy, human dimensions of marine conservation

Prof. Kevin Walsh

Climate change and variability (Physical, mainly tropical)

Dr Vanessa Wong

Geochemistry, hydrology, coast and floodplain

A/Prof.  Margaret Young

Marine law/climate change/fisheries/biodiversity

Additional disciplines may be added as knowledge gap areas emerge.

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